Re: 32mm 1 1/4" Bronze Ball Valves - USA


Good to know, Mark and Bill.

I just replaced the thru hull ball valve for the forward head.  It was a bear to remove, mostly because of poor access and it had an Octagonal place to put a wrench on it.  The flats were so small that I couldn't get a Crescent wrench to hold.  I ordered a 1 1/4 " 8-point socket, but it was too big. I then ordered a 1 1/8" 8-point socket from McMaster Carr. It came in 24 hours, and voila!  With a 10" extension and a bit of sweat, it came right off.  The new ones I ordered have a hex configuration, so normal 6-point socket works.

SM 243

Kent & Iris

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