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Mohammad Shirloo

I dove with assistance from a diver and had the prop removed in less than one hour. After removing the loose blade, found out that the tightening nut on the blade would rotate by hand and the left hand locking nut was not tightened against the blade nut and therefore allowed almost two full turns prior to locking. Water has gotten in between the hub and the blade and the bearing guide has almost rusted through.  I believe we have been sailing for two seasons with the prop in this condition and it was with pure luck that we found the condition before losing a blade and possibly doing a lot more damage in the process.


One more item to add to the annual check list. Dive and inspect all underwater items, as well as everything above deck. Time to rebuild again ourselves and hopefully do a better job than the “expert mechanics”. This issue keeps on being reinforced, do it yourself and at least you will either learn or make a mistake and know that you made a mistake. You will most likely not make the same mistake twice.


Thanks for all the responses.





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Just in case you have not see it. This is video from SVDelos I found this morning.


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