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Hi Jim,
I still believe the basic problem is that the water above the flaps
in the
bilge pump is leaking back so that there is no water on the flaps to
them down. You could take the cover off the pump and look to see
that the
flaps are closing properly and either way take them off and reverse
them so
that they work properly. Of course a better solution would be to get
a pair
of the improved flaps from the makers or from Amel. The complete
set, two
flaps and a spare diaphram ( not needed ) cost me about US$ 45 in
through a chandlery which had to gt them from Italy.

Try it, incidentally why pump the sump dry so often ?

John pretty much answered your question. I have never liked the idea
of grey water draining into the bilge. I am as careful as I can be
about the dishes, but some stuff is always going to get through. I
guess daily is easier to remember than weekly, and it seems like it
should keep the bilge sump just a little cleaner cleaner.

As far as pump failure, none of these theories explain mine starting
to malfunction within 2 weeks of moving aboard.


Jim Wiggin

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