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On a different issue on the winch. My problem was that the bolts holding the motor and gearbox to the bottom of the winch sheared off. I replaced them with stronger bolts and used locktite.

My main problem was reinstalling the winch. It is heavy to hold over my head and try to index the bolt holes. I resorted to cutting the heads of 2 longer bolts and inserted them into the motor flange. It was then very easy to install the motor by inserting the longer cut off bolts into the underside of the winch.

While you have everything apart you might replace the lip seal in the bottom of the winch and the thin plastic washer that separates the motor from the winch.

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The chances of the furling motor and the winch motor sharing brushes is vanishingly small.  not QUITE zero... but very close.  The electric winches were supplied by Lewmar (they are not an Amel specific part). On our boat, the winch drive motor and gearbox were made by Bonfiglioli, while the furling motors are Leroy Somers.  If your boat has the Bonfiglioli furling motors, the chances go up by a tiny bit... I do not know if Lewmar used exactly the same motors throughout the production run for these winches.

I haven’t had the opportunity to pull apart the motors for the winches, so can’t help with the details.  Like the furling motors, these motors and gearboxes are standard industrial parts.  If you can read the motor label ahead of time, you can pre-order the brushes.  If that’s not possible, once you have the old brushes in hand and can measure them, you can almost always get them from Grainger, or one of the companies who specialize in motor brushes.

We have found that all of the Lewmar dealers and distributors in the USA (including Lewmar USA) were pretty helpless as far as helping us with parts for these winches.  Nobody we talked to had the information about how the parts for the electric version was different from the the much more common manual version. We ended up getting our parts from Ocean Chandlery in the UK.  They immediately knew and understood exactly what we needed.

And in the “for what it is worth” department:  On Leroy Somers motors used in the main sail furling system:  Leroy Somers changed the design of the motor several years ago, but KEPT EXACTLY THE SAME PART NUMBER.  The new motor has the same electrical and power specifications, bolts in place and works fine, but is a slightly smaller diameter, and, most importantly, has a completely different design for the brushes.  If you order brushes based on the part number, it is a tossup on getting the right part!  Just a heads up that having the brushes in hand and ordering based on dimensions is sometimes the best thing to do.

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