Re: Seasickness cures and medication

Marcel Tromp

Lie down on your belly , relax the muscles but have a bucket nearby! No meds!

On Thu, 10 Jun. 2021 at 16:29, Giorgio Ardrizzi
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I have been using Biodramina Cafeina for years and I am very happy. It is the usual Dramamina type pill, but it contains caffeine which completely eliminates sleepiness.  The problem is finding it, because to my knowledge it is only sold in Spain. You can also buy it online.  On average it lasts 6/8 hours.

With regard to the Scopolamine patch, I advice once applied, to cover it with a paper patch. If inadvertently touches the patch and then the eyes, causes the complete opening of the pupil for many hours.
Being the Scopolamine a drug, for years in Italy, my nation, sale is prohibited.

Giorgio Ardrizzi
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