Re: Mounting a life raft on the SM railing

Eric Freedman

I wanted to do that on Kimberlite years ago and the manufacturer said it was not suitable for rail mount.

They said that my raft a Switlik was not suitable for that configuration. I would check with the manufacturer to see if it works in that configuration. I now have a Winslow. I keep it in the port cockpit  locker next to my Jordan drogue. They offer 6 different case shapes for this raft.  It is a 6-man raft and must be repacked every 3 years. I especially like it as it has closeable pockets inside for my bail out bag gear.

Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376




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Jose Hi,
attached some pictures of my raft. I did the change last year and welded in the rail port side. My raft is Viking ISO pack (6 persons fully equipped for long ocean passage).
Sailed so far 2.000 miles and no problems.

SM 201

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