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Thomas Peacock

One of the problems with nausea and vomiting is that while the end-result is the same (first you’re afraid you’re going to die, then you’re afraid that you won’t), the causes of N & V are manifold. Stomach viruses, food poisoning, post-anesthesia, chemotherapy, motion, pain, bowel obstruction; the list goes on. But, what works for one cause does not necessarily work for another cause.

I’m a retired oncologist, and have unfortunately had many patients who have suffered severely with chemotherapy induced N & V. I have witnessed huge advances in managing this: first metoclopramide (Reglan in the US), ondansetron (Zofran in the US), and Aprepitant (Emend in the US). Due to these drugs, the vast majority of people who undergo treatment today experience little or no N & V. 

Being a sailor who does suffer somewhat from motion sickness, I have also followed these newer drugs in the hopes that they might benefit me as well. Unfortunately, none of them really seem to help. That is not my personal experience talking: there have been well-run published studies looking for benefit from them for motion sickness, and unfortunately, they just don’t work. In addition, while generally well-tolerated, they are not entirely free of side effects. The most noticeable one for ondansetron is constipation. While most drugs list constipation as a side-effect, for ondansetron it is real. That’s already a potential problem on any blue-water voyage, especially in rough seas where the desire to visit the head is oftentimes overcome by the fear of sitting on the pot in a rolling boat. We do not carry these drugs on board.

So, I agree with most others on this forum:  meclizine (Antivert, Bonine), absolutely worth of try. Scopolomine, also helps some people. Dimenhydrinate (Dramamine), also can help others. They can all cause dry mouth, and drowsiness; not to be taken with alcohol. I have tried the electric bracelets, my jury is still out. On another note, I have read a German study that showed some modest benefit from Vitamin C, 2 gram dose a day. Pretty safe. And, I’m in total agreement for any form of ginger.

Unfortunately, nothing really helps A LOT. Maybe just enough so that you can function. Or maybe not. 

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I was asked by a crewmember to poll the group to find out what Amel owners used 
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Tom Peacock
SM 240 Aletes
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