Lifting the dodger on a Sharki

Gregory Shea

Hey all,
I need to resurface my hatch but, as we all know, that requires lifting the dodger.
I have taken out all the obvious bolts and the dodger is releasing except that it seems anchored firmly at the pointy end of the pare brise.
There is a ferrule (guiding the traveler adjustment) at the “pointy end” with two screws. They are out. No evidence of fasteners under the headlining at the “pointy end.”
Seems to me you should be able to take out the bolts and it should lift off, but it isn’t. It is rock solid at the front end. I must be missing something. Henri magic?
Has anyone else experienced this problem with a Sharki dodger, or am I the first?

Greg Shea
Cap des Iles
Sharki 133

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