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Gregory Shea

I elected to lift the dodger since I was not confident in my ability to do a good woodworking job in Greece. My other two choices were to cut the hatch in half or cut the trim and rebuild it.
The front of the dodger refused to cooperate. It is somehow locked in place. I wonder if someone put an extra screw up into it and then covered it with the headlining. Graham Johnston’s on Zephyr has lifted his twice, with no problem. Not me.
Bill Rouse posted the photo of how a prior owner of Gerhard Mueller’s Sharki had cut the trim. Gerhard shared that with me when he got to his boat in May. 
I could not see a way to cut and veneer the hatch without the wiper causing problems with the veneer.
Bill pushed me over the edge by suggesting the Gerhard solution. I had found some teak molding from a prior boat on board that would work, look OK and cover up my butchery with an oscillating saw.
The hatch is out and ready for veneering tomorrow.
I wanted to recount my experience to illustrate the multi faceted support of the forum. My solution was an amalgamation of several prior experiences by forum members, modified by my situation. I’m really looking forward to not having an eyesore masquerading as a hatch.
Thanks to everyone.

Greg Shea
Cap des Iles
Sharki 133

On Jun 12, 2021, at 1:55 PM, Aras Grinius <aras.grinius@...> wrote:

I had to re-make mine. Rather than take off Hard Dodger we cut ours so that it would slide out.  We used wood bungs to join them back togetherwith new wood of course.

Sharki #163

On Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 3:22 PM Gregory Shea <gmshea@...> wrote:
Hey all,
I need to resurface my hatch but, as we all know, that requires lifting the dodger.
I have taken out all the obvious bolts and the dodger is releasing except that it seems anchored firmly at the pointy end of the pare brise.
There is a ferrule (guiding the traveler adjustment) at the “pointy end” with two screws. They are out. No evidence of fasteners under the headlining at the “pointy end.”
Seems to me you should be able to take out the bolts and it should lift off, but it isn’t. It is rock solid at the front end. I must be missing something. Henri magic?
 Has anyone else experienced this problem with a Sharki dodger, or am I the first?

Greg Shea
Cap des Iles
Sharki 133

Aras Grinius

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