Re: AC not cooling

Joerg Esdorn

Thanks very much, Bill.  I‘ve pretty much followed the instructions regarding bleeding air from the manual but only one of my three chiller units has a valve to bleed air.   I’ve bled air from both the salt water pump and the circulation pump.  However, I believe I have a dearator- see pic.  Taking off the cap doesn’t do anything but if I stick a screwdriver into the top, turbulent water/air comes out.  

It seems to me that if the salt water circuit is working (it is - water is coming out normally), the compressor should be getting the temp lower than 28C.  So I think it‘s likely a low coolant situation.  The yard tried the system 3 months ago and it was working but not cooling much.  Again, this seems to point to low coolant.  

Again, many thanks for your thoughts!  Cheers Joerg

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