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Thanks for the kind words. We've enjoyed our two Amels over the years, first a Sharki and now a Super Maramu, and getting this forum started.

As a bit of history, on May 23, 2001 Amel sent an email to all owners apologizing for a virus that they may have inadvertently included in an email communication (don't know what that was about since I did not receive it). Fortunately for all of us, Amel put every owner's email address that they had a record of in the "TO" heading (rather than using a blind carbon copy, or "BCC"). I remember I had been trying to convince the factory to get some sort of owner's club or association started, even chatting with Joel about it, but with no effect--so getting a copy of everyone's email address easily lead to the next step of starting this group on Yahoo.

All the best,

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Dear Richard, Very sorry to see that you are selling your SM and leaving the forum. Many thanks for all the work you have done over the years and especially, if I remember correctly for creating the web site in the first place and moderating it so well over the years.
Thanks again and all the best in the future. Best wishes, John Hollamby, SM 319 Bali Hai.
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I'll also be leaving the forum and relinquishing any site management functions. Want to say thanks to Jose Luis for his active moderation for the past several years--I'm sure he'd like for another Amel owner to step up and volunteer to help him out!
All the best to all of you and fair winds,

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