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Sorry to ask but are you at the port and in that case it might be the dock n’étaler !

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I am not aware of another breaker after the panel. Suggest you follow the wire from the breaker panel to the washer with one of these:





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Subject: [AmelYachtOwners] Laden Washing Machine power problem?


Dear Amelians,

Successfully completed two complete wash loads and went to do a third and noticed no power to the washing machine.  I checked the circuit breaker on the 220 volt panel and not tripped, I reset anyways.  I checked the primary 220 volt master breaker inside the cabinet (lift up door), not tripped but reset that one as well.  I confirmed the washing machine was plugged into the wall outlet but I notice the green light on the plug is not illuminated.  It appears that washing machine outlet has no power.  Is there another breaker located somewhere that I have not found for that outlet?

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