Re: Running larger battery charger cables

Bill Kinney

If you drill holes here, be sure to figure out how you are going to make them waterproof after running the cables.   This is one of the watertight bulkheads that is critical to making an Amel, an Amel.  The engine room is by far the most likely place to have water entering the boat in an unplanned manner.  That is a big enough problem, but having holes which allow that problem to spread unchecked to the rest of the hull has the potential to turn a big problem into a disaster.

Many of the older Amels I have been on have some, or in a few cases all, of the watertight bulkheads compromised by unthinking modifications.

If you have an Amel savvy surveyor, one of the first things he’ll look for is holes in what are supposed to be watertight bulkheads.

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie 
Great Harbor, Long Island, Bahamas

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