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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi all, just a comment about floor latches. I have also been in big seas and big winds with no roll overs or knock downs. While I acknowledge the vast experience of many of you compared to me we sail in big big oceans where bad stuff happens and many people have attested to rogue waves that climb on top of each other and overwhelm the best of vessels. I am not referring to "normal" storm conditions. Knock downs, pitch poles and roll overs happen to the best of boats. I have read of numerous situations that have become serious after unsecured heavy items have flown across the cabin and either hit and injured (and even killed)crew or smashed windows.What was a controlable situation suddenly is no longer so when a key crew member is taken out or the integrity of the cabin is breached.
 It happens that a boat may weather a serious storm and then from nowhere, just as it seems the worst is past, a wave of monumental proportions can roll it.
For me, the trouble taken to secure things is slight compared to the risk.
Cheers to you all
Danny SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Kent, we have done a lot of ocean work with our SM 209 (32000 miles) we have NEVER had an issue with floor boards. Pardon me but those guys doing the safety checks for the 1500 are as much interested in safety as they are in how much you spend to follow their advice. We have been in 35 foot waves and 60+ kts without an issue with the floor boards. Kent when the wind is up the first sail that comes down/rolls up is the main. Don't try to run in a big beam sea way bear off or run or for that matter just heave to and wait it out...
Take to time to stop at St Georges in Berumda. Relax for a day or two fuel up water up. Go in during day light call Bermuda radio when you are 15 miles out they are a big help.. Call Southbound 2 on the SSB check in time is 1930 utc. Tell him you boat name and destination the first time you call (call several times between 1930 adn 1950 listen for him to call your boat name if he doesn't call again on q. then check in every day without fail..

You'll be fine... oh, when you leave Bermuda say well east of the line south to the Bahamas or Caribb. the winds and current will push you west just fine...
Richard and Joan on Challenge.

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You guys are soooooo good! Thanks,
SM243 "Kristy"

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