Re: Bow thruster does not work in one direvtion

Dimitris Krasopoulos

There are very different views if it is good to run the generator and battery charger when using the Bowthruster despite the recommendation of AMEL. Perhaps Bill Rouse or other experienced sailors have to comment on that. If the batteries are well charged by the alternator of the engine and they are not very old I need a second opinion on that issue.

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Thank you Lior, good to know. We, in general, have the generator and 100A charger on, when expecting anything other than minimal bow thruster usage, or the battery charge level is low.


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Hi Mohammad

I had the same problem two times. Every time, it was the solenoid on the bow thruster that did not work anymore.
If the batteries are weak and you use the bow thruster without starting the generator and charger, it can burn the solenoid. 
Every time it happened, the bow thruster worked only in one direction.
page 19, part number 27

I hope it helps

Lior A54 #18

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