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Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Ulrich


Thanks for your input. I’m try hard to find right contacts at VOLVO France but either no response or wrong question? So far I’m not happy with the feedback from Volvo.

I try with AMEL and GWEN Marine directly to find out more or getting the right path to that information.


BTW: it came to my mind that I owe you the Xantrex Parameter setting on my Boat. I will answer directly on your treat asap.


Best regards



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Hi Ruedi,

Dear Amelians with VP D3-110 C.. engines,


You have hit my nerve, your thought to have an assortment of the most important sensors with such a "modern" computerized engine, I had quite a while. We had an engine problem years ago in Greece where the local mechanics (not Volvo people, they were far away) did not get along. First they disassembled and cleaned the turbo, then checked the electronics with was a nightmare. Last was tipped on the boost pressure sensor, which was oily and defective. But then had to be ordered in Sweden, because the Greek Volvo importer had none in stock. The sensor has cost double (about 280 €) and was mounted in half an hour. The whole hassle was for us then 3 weeks houseboat vacation. No engine, Not good. But the engine is now running fine.

Some time ago (our common concern about this issue) I then bought at a BOSCH car Service the appropriate BoostPressure sensor, suitable for the Volvo 5-cylinder engine. we checked all varieties.


Original BOSCH number 0 261 230 295. four-plug connection, 1 screw hole for mounting. Cost 48(!) Euro.

There was once a discussion in the forum about the matching sensor, I will soon take the new one to the ship and compare it with the defective one (I have kept). If it fits: Great. if not, he will be exchanged.

Hope that helps you further. If you get a parts list for the sensors through Volvo France, let me know. Maybe we can make a collective order for the other friends with this engine, we have synergies and can save a lot of money.(Like the passed order with UltraMarine Anchors, safe more than 1000€....)


Best regards, stay healthy and fair winds!


Ulrich Michael

„Soleil Bleu“ A54#088 (with D3-110C engine)





Am 15.06.2021 um 10:23 schrieb Rudolf Waldispuehl <Rudolf@...>:

Hi Courtney


Thanks you. Which of the Bosch sensors did you used?

Do you have a D3-110 C ?


Thanks and best regards




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Try Bosch automotive sensors they worked for me and were very inexpensive 

On Jun 14, 2021, at 10:36 AM, Rudolf Waldispuehl <Rudolf@...> wrote:

Dear Amelia’s  


Because our Volvo D3-110 is running with some sensors, I try to find out which of those are most important and vital to have as spare. I do have the D3-110 C and I’m quite happy with it, but I feel better to have those sensors who could fail as spare.


Does anyone have a list and a source of those vital sensors?

Can anybody let us know which of those you have spare and where you ordered them?


@Bill Rose: Do I need to have all these sensors with isolated ground? Not sure about these?

I found some with 3 Pins, four pins and also 2 pins. The “m prop valve” Sensor has only 2 pins and therefore most likely not with isolated ground?? Correct?

Hope to get some feedback about the mystery - sensors ;-)
Happy Sailing 

Ruedi Waldispuehl
Currently in Cartagena (ES)


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