Re: Amel 54, For those who do not really like the entrance hatch locking system

Jose Venegas

Hi Arno,
To avoid the weight from sloshing around I used the track that I mentioned to guide the weight along the vertical direction.  It is very smooth because it runs in roller bearings.  With this, the weight could only slush when the vertical acceleration of the boat is greater than 1G,  which should never happen.  It is true that the pull from one side of the door creates some friction but still much less than the weight of the door.  Also, that friction prevents a rapid fall of the door.  I am not sure that the weight of the 54's door is the same as that of the SM but there is still some room to increase the size of the weight if you need to.  Worth testing before making the counterweight

Jose Venegas
Ipanema SM278

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