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Randall Walker

Hello Bill,
Do you think these seals on the 50 would be usable on my 54 ? I know some seals come in a roll and others are custom moulded. Thanks


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I really like what Amel is currently using on the Amel 50. It's the best thing I've seen. Photo attached. 

I am training a crew the week on a brand new 50. It is an amazing Amel.


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Bill ,Just want to double check the size of the gasket. I had a look at mine and they are 1" wide ,but where they are not depressed ,at the edges they appear to only be about 1/2" in height and in the center that bears the weight they are depressed down to about  a 1/4" ,maybe 3/8' . I just wanted to make sure that they might not have been 1/2 or 3/4" in height originally .
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They are "D Profile: and 25mm, or 1" I think the following will work for you:

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On Fri, Jun 11, 2021 at 2:37 PM Patrick McAneny via <> wrote:
I would like to replace the gaskets on all the storage hatches ,they are compressed and leaking somewhat. Does anyone know the dimensions and a source in the US. to buy them. I wonder if they have an adhesive backing or applied with contact cement, a backing would be less messy and easier.
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