Re: VHF antennas

Scott SV Tengah


I know this is nicking pits, but check your AIS receiving AND sending range. My A54 came with the Banten antenna on both main and mizzen (VHF and AIS, respectively) and both had failed.

I noticed the failure on the VHF antenna when I could barely hear the admiral on a handheld a few hundred meters from the boat. She could not hear me at all, indicating that a quality cable/antenna setup is more important for transmission. I replaced it all with RG-8X from mast to VHF radio and both reception and transmission improved dramatically.

Same with the AIS antenna. Earlier I'd see boats maybe 10nm away. Now I can see cargo ships 40nm+ away. I am certain my transmission has improved too.

Cheap to replace with a Shakespeare VHF antenna and RG-8X and not too difficult as you can re-use the existing holes in the mast to mount the antenna. Search for my posts on the replacement if you want to do it. You will connect rigging to bonding as a result, but that's not a bad thing as Amel started doing it in 2009.

I used VHF antennas for both applications so the mizzen one can act as a backup VHF antenna. In other words, I didn't get an AIS tuned mizzen antenna.

Hope this helps.

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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