Amel 50: Preview of my upcoming review


Amel 50: First Experience:
I have first-hand experience with many models made by Amel, including Maramu, Santorin, Mango, Super Maramu, 54, 55, and recently I was aboard a 50 for the better part of a week. All of the above models have Amel DNA throughout the yacht and in all of its systems. But, of course, each of these Amel models is different. One thing for sure, as each model was introduced by Amel, the newest model represented a major step forward for Amel and each became part of building Amel's remarkable reputation.

The Amel 50 has Henri Amel's DNA throughout the boat. In my opinion, it is not only the best Amel yacht ever produced, but I am also absolutely certain it will outperform any previous model in all categories, including downwind sailing. I realize this will ruffle some feathers because we all love our boats as I do, but until you test the 50 in every conceivable way, you cannot have an informed opinion. Amel "checked all of my boxes" when they produced the 50. The 50 is going through some minor changes as a result of great owner input and unusual builder listening.

I suspect that Amel will someday soon figure out how to achieve the production numbers with the 50 that they enjoyed with the SM. They are certainly on their way with a huge backlog of sold orders that equate to a 2.5-year waitlist.

The Amel 50 will have an important place in my Amel Book and all of the other things that I offer Amel owners.

Next week I will post a complete review of the Amel 50 on my website:

Here is one of the many things I was impressed with. These photos show how Amel integrated solar into the 50 design. The panels glued to the Amel 50 hardtop and are Solbian Flex panels (I have recommended these for several years).

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