Air con circulating pump

Nick Newington

I bought a Dormaire magnetic aircon circulating pump rated 950gph to replace the old. Euro 264.
It pumps plenty of water to run all three units but is very small, about 10cm long by about 7cm wide and very light. I suspect it will not last very long but we shall see.
It is also a DC motor so there is a 240v-24v power supply that comes with it.
It replaces the Calpeda monster that needed a screw driver on the shaft to get it going and it leaked. It’s bronze impeller has warn down, I think not from corrosion but from abrasion. On board was the kit to replace the shaft seal.
I plan to buy a new impeller and then swap back when the Dormaire dies.
For now it looks like the Dormaire is great; lighter, quieter,more efficient. No seals.

S/A Amelia
AML 54-019

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