Chain Counter

william reynolds

My chain counter, which was working properly, suddenly ceased to function.
There are no wiring diagrams that I can find. I searched the Amel site and found several hundred threads but no wiring diagrams. I tried to trace the associated wiring but what I found was a plethora of non associated wires.
The wires to the sensor on the  windless were blue, brown and a yellow/green bonding/ground wire. These led to the area in the fwd cabin where the relays for the windlass were and then  disappeared forward never to be seen again.
In the area above the sink, to the left of the steering rack is a box labeled "computer of the chain. There were 2 large black cables with #16 - green, white and black wires within that went to the counter above on the panel. These connected to smaller grey cables at a terminal strip which then disappeared into a large bundle and I ASSUME go the the chain counter box below the nav station. I when I checked the fuse on the box labled "chain computer" all the instruments quit!
The boxes under the nav station were Newmar equipment and labled VHF radio, full time dc to dc (24 to12 volt) and Hydra/chain computer. The wires from the box above the sink terminate here somehow. Anyone have a clue as the schematic or wiring diagram. There is a switch on the "chain comp. box that turns off the chain computer AND all the instruments.  You have to kill all the instruments to work on the windlass. Not good if you are underway.
Any information out there??
Bill Reynolds
Cloudstreet SM2K 331

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