Inverter replacement

Mohammad Shirloo

Our original 2500W Mastervolt inverter died at the end of the season in 2019. We have purchased a new Mastervolt Mass Combi ultra 3500/24/100 inverter charger as a replacement. This will also act as a backup charger and be ready for future upgrades to Lithium and solar installation. For now, we will just be utilizing the inverter function to have A/C when off grid and generator not running. So, the wiring is fairly simple and the original battery and A/C wiring will be connected to the new unit.

The new unit does not have a remote switch, like the original that is installed on the generator panel in the galley. The new units have control displays that we will be adding in the future. It is possible to leave the inverter on in sleep mode that utilizes minimum power, or go into the engine room and turn unit off at the unit. 

My question is regarding the switching of the A/C going to the main panel when multiple sources of power are available. I’m assuming that the inverter A/C wiring is connected to the priority switch that selects which source of power is feeding the A/C panel Just want to be sure that if the inverter is on and either shore power or generator is supplying power, the inverter is not in the circuit and is OK to leave the unit on all the time, if we elect to do so?

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