Re: 24VDC to 12VDC converters: 0V connections

WASABI - Rudolf Waldispuehl

Hi Thomas


On WASABI we have the same setup, except that there is a separate “Permanent ON/OFF” Switch under the converter (see picture).

I suppose you have another ON/OFF configuration on the Permanent and therefore they bridged the +0 on input and output.

Probably GARULFO do not have a ON/OFF Switch for the Converter Input and therefore the bridge makes your converter permanent as permanent 😉

The other 2 converter are just switched on when you push the green “INSTRUMENTS” button at the chart table next to the window.


Best and fair winds


WASABI , Amel-54 #55


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Hi all,


On GARULFO, and I suspect on other A54s and maybe SM, there are three 24VDC to 12VDC converters, marked “permanent”, “hydra/iscan v90” and “VHF icom”.


Of those, only the “permanent” one has the input +0V and the output +0V posts connected. 


Does anyone know why that is?

Why shouldn’t the other 2 be the same?


In one pic:

















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