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Eric Freedman

Is that the New Amel 50?


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For those not seeing the link:

Hmm, balance rudders on an Amel, not sure about that…

It seems Amel changed the construction of the rudder(s) quite drastically. But they are not alone, Hallberg Rassy is doing the very same thing. The added beam at the stern of the boat makes this inevitable.
From my personal point of view. I think everything under the waterline must be as close to bomb proof as you can realistically make it. So these modern hull shapes with twin rudders are posing a devils dilemma in my opinion.
I found it also a bit uncomfortable looking at the size of the P-bracket that guides the propellor-shaft. I would have preferred a upside-down V-shape for that thing. This setup seems very fragile as well and begging for bent propellor-shafts

I’m aware that these wide bottoms do give you nice sail performance but I’m not so sure if this new design is not conflicting with the prime directive of what Amel stands for.

I guess time will tell…


Arno Luijten,
SV Luna,

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