Re: Miele Microwave on A55 not working

Brent Cameron

I can’t help with the exact model but I’ve fixed a few microwaves in my day and it’s usually one of two causes, both easy for DYI although you do need to be very careful to ensure it isn’t plugged in and you discharge the large capacitor before poking around in there as it can carry a lethal charge.  Most microwaves have a large internal fuse (15A usually) that can trip (often if someone accidentally put metal inside). The other is that the magnetrons fail. They are easy to replace as well (usually just a few wires). The other thing to check would be the door switch but it doesn’t sound like that as it failed mid cooking. Good luck!


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Our microwave went black yesterday in the middle of warming up some frozen food. It was quite warm inside and now doesn’t show any sign of life. Any suggestions?

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