Re: #attackedbywhales #newboat WE SOLD THE BOAT! Now what??? Sailing Ocean F... #attackedbywhales #newboat

Alan Leslie

Absolutely agree with all of that.
Judith and I visited Amel in La Rochelle in 2019 and went for a sail on the 50.
Judith fell in love with it's creature comforts and layout and now says we'll buy one when we win the lottery!
I have all the above misgivings about it as an ocean crosser, but then maybe those days are over and as a coastal short passage cruiser the 50 would be ideal.
Certainly Antoine Riotin said the same things to me  - the target market for Amel has changed; it is no longer the circumnavigator as it was in Henri Amels day.
Elyse SM437 

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