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This is certainly a healthy discussion. I believe there are additional new and beneficial benefits of the Amel 50 twin rudder system. This may be a little confusing so I will try to describe:

Assuming the A-50 owner selected dual autopilots
  1. Either rudder can operate independently with each rudder's independent autopilot 
    1. Or each rudder's independent emergency tiller. 
  2. Both rudders can operate together with either autopilot
    1. Or together with the  independent emergency tiller connected to either quadrant
  3. The helm cables are connected to the port rudder quadrant, which can operate independently of the starboard rudder. 
  4. There is a removable stainless steel bar that connects the two quadrants. So in some emergencies, the Port rudder can be steered by the helm, its independent autopilot, or its independent tiller.
Regarding rudder failures on ocean crossings, it is too common with an "unmentioned brand" but virtually unheard of with Amel. What is more common is the loss of the autopilot, and according to Jimmy Cornell (founder of the ARC), autopilot failure happens with 5-10% of ocean crossings. I always recommend either a complete autopilot redundancy or a complete set of spares when crossing an ocean. I also recommend that the autopilot drive be installed on the quadrant rather than only at the helm.

I believe that the A-50 with dual autopilots includes all of my usual client recommendations for safety while crossing oceans. Additionally, Amel has added to the A50  the following:
  1. Watertight steering compartment with a separate bilge pump and alarm
  2. Dual Rudder Reference, but also each one on its rudder quadrants
  3. Dual Autopilot hydraulic pump & drive, but also each one on its rudder quadrants
  4. A new seal for the rudder post, replacing the older packing (I am not sure what this is and would love to know more...maybe an A50 owner will comment on this photo:
I absolutely love and respect the circa 70-80s design of the Amel rudder which I believe will be found on most of these models: Kirk, Sharki, Maramu, Santorin, Super Maramu, A54, A55, and A64. 

I also believe that the A50 rudder system has added to Amel's longtime tradition of reliability of its rudder.

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This is all great news for the wallet of present owners of Amel ketches:  if Amel has, by statement of its officers,  indirectly endorsed the ketches as THE blue water, ocean-crossing vessel, which they no longer manufacture, stand to reason that they will become increasingly sought after by the crowd that wants just that: world cruising.  With more sailors falling into the current demographics of the world cruiser, as the world ages, Amel ketches will become a priceless gem!

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ps.  No, I am not entertaining offers to sell mine.  I will hold onto it for as long as I can!

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It appears as though the rudders sprang open like a clam shell,as if there was tension , when released they assumed their natural position. What would be the reason for not adding layers of fiberglass in addition to the glue, to bond the rudder halves together, making them more robust. Are the rudders on the SM not  fiber glassed together ? 
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Is the rudder on the 55 the same as the 50? 2 shells glued together?

Billy (55#56)

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