Amel 55 Standing Rigging replacement #replacement

Paul Brown

Hello, my name is Paul and I own an Amel 55 #17 (Fortuna II) Commissioned in February 2013.

According to Pantaenius Insurance the standing rigging will require replacement for insurance purposes by February 2023.

I am kindley seeking advise and guidance for how to replace the standing rigging, what products and manufacturer are most recommended and where I can arrange purchase of the required materials and items?

I have been a professional power line construction rigger for 40 years and a yacht owner and cruising sailor for 20 years. Although I have never replaced a standing rig on a yacht my self, I would like to attend to most of the require works under the assistance and guidance of a suitable and qualified yacht rigger local in Australia when the time arrives.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance and input.

Regards, Paul - Fortuna II - Amel 55 #17

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