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don't know if the seacock lamination is the same on sharki, but I also assume yes. Will try as you described, I think it will come off without removing GRP. Attached is the foto. Thanks for your quick answer.
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Mark Barter <markbarter100@...> hat am 01.07.2021 12:15 geschrieben:

There isn't a photo attached to your message but I have recently changed this seacock on a Super Maramu. I am assuming that they are similar.

The actual through hull is was glassed into the hull. The seacock was then attached to the through hull and then a layer of fibre glass is wrapped around the point where the through hull and seacock meet.

In order to remove the seacock you first need to remove the fibre glass that was put on after the seacock was fitted. I carefully used a multi tool and a mini grinder. A you remove the glass you will see the part of the seacock where a wrench can be fitted. I cleared that area and then a few mm underneath that so that the seacock can be turned. I didn't have to remove all of the glass. Just enough to free the seacock. Then you just need to unscrew the seacock. Ours wasn't cemented in at all and came free quite easily.

I had wanted to replace the whole thing with a composite seacock and through hull.  The through hull however was in good condition and I felt that if I just replaced the seacock with a composite one I would not have been able to get the grounding wire satisfactorily attached to the through hull. As a result I went with another metal seacock and attached the grounding wire to that. I used thread cement so I didn't feel the need to re-glass the seacock and through hull together again.

I hope that helps.
Mark & Nicky Barter
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