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The last that I knew you were in the south of France, with plans to go to Sicily.

I recommend that you contact the original manufacturer of the standing rigging and the standing rigging supplier to Amel, ACMO. Contact Laetitia Boudon <Laetitia@...>. Be sure to tell her I gave you the contact information. In March 2020 ACMO's price for the 55 kit was about 13k euro plus VAT and Freight. The kit comes with all wire and all other pieces made to exact Amel specifications. This leaves little room for any rigger to make a mistake. I recommend that you ask for the optional stainless steel turnbuckles with bronze inserts rather than the chrome-plated bronze. 

I believe one of the best riggers in Europe is in Malta: Nicky Sammut <nickysail@...>. Be sure to tell Nicky that I gave you his contact information. Nicky can do this job at the Manoel Island Yacht Yard, or he will travel to your location to install the rigging and it is best if you assist him as the person on the deck while he is in the rigging.

I hope this helps you. Please contact me anytime for more information.

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On Wed, Jun 30, 2021 at 6:57 PM Paul Brown <feeder.brown@...> wrote:
Hello, my name is Paul and I own an Amel 55 #17 (Fortuna II) Commissioned in February 2013.

According to Pantaenius Insurance the standing rigging will require replacement for insurance purposes by February 2023.

I am kindley seeking advise and guidance for how to replace the standing rigging, what products and manufacturer are most recommended and where I can arrange purchase of the required materials and items?

I have been a professional power line construction rigger for 40 years and a yacht owner and cruising sailor for 20 years. Although I have never replaced a standing rig on a yacht my self, I would like to attend to most of the require works under the assistance and guidance of a suitable and qualified yacht rigger local in Australia when the time arrives.

Thank you in advance for your kind assistance and input.

Regards, Paul - Fortuna II - Amel 55 #17

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