Re: Miele Microwave on A55 not working

Brent Cameron

Joerg, if you are not comfortable with the risk, unplug it and let it sit for two days before opening it up.  Most circuits will discharge over time. if you have a multi-meter, put it on the highest DC voltage setting and measure the voltage across the two leads of any capacitors (they look something like batteries with both terminals at one end) just to ensure that they are fully discharged (odds are after a few days without power they will be but check to be in the safe side). Anything under 10 VDC DV is OK. 

Most microwaves have plastic shielding around them with big warning stickers but I’m not sure about EU ones).   

By the way, the same thing applies for the AC and water pumps on your boats as they also have big run and start capacitors . All capacitors should be treated as big batteries that can store a lethal charge. I always use just one hand when poking around near them as if you accidentally put one hand on either side of the circuit the shortest path is now across your heart.   

My guess is that you’ll find it is the fuse or a loose or corroded  connection. Usually you’ll see scorch marks on the magnetron if it’s gone. 


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