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In the 1980’s and 1990’s I never used a swivel.
Then in 2006 I started to use one thinking it an improvement, but gradually I have now come to the conclusion that they do nothing very useful and are a point of failure in an anchor system.
My Amel supplied Wasi anchor has been demoted to be a second anchor, this came with the special Wasi swivel. I have left it for now but frankly I do not trust a stainless fitting.
My newish Spade is the primary anchor with an extra strong galvanised shackle to the chain. No problem with twisting, slides nicely over the bow.
So in conclusion I have gone full circle on this issue.
S/Y Amelia
AML 54-019
Arki GR

On 2 Jul 2021, at 10:35, Ian Park <> wrote:

If you use a swivel do not attach it directly to the anchor. Attach a few links of chain, then the swivel and finally the main chain. This means that the swivel always pulls in a straight line.
I have abandoned using a swivel. When removing mine to turn the chain, the hex bolt that holds it together had suffered serious metal deterioration and disintegrated. None of this was visible, and I was lucky not to have lost the anchor. I have not had any serious chain twisting issues even in strong tidal streams.
It was a Kong Swivel which I refastened every time I turned the chain end to end ( at least biannually).

Ian ‘Ocean Hobo’
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