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Beaute Olivier

Hello Alex,

these plastic bearings, attached with shrinking sleeves, were installed only in the first genoa furlers that AMEL developped.
Then, they decided not to go on with this as the bearings were slipping down.
Since then, the furling system with the aluminum foil directly in contact with the forestay and A LOT of silicone grease, has worked perfectly. 
Be generous with the grease (you need around 3kg).

Good luck.


On Thursday, July 1, 2021, 06:35:43 PM GMT+2, Alex BAIZEAU <alexandre.baizeau@...> wrote:


We recently purchased a Maramu with a Nirvana Genoa furler, we are currently replacing the forestay because it cannot be inspected.

We just pulled the old one out and it seems like Somme rubber like bushings/protective sleeve were installed for around 2 meters. 

It looks like they were put together before the end fitting were installed as it doesn’t look like they can be removed.

We reinserted the forestay that Acmo built for us ( without sleeves)

Before putting everything back together we’d like to know if we should source some of those sleeves.



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