Re: Swivel or Shackle

Arno Luijten

I'm quite happy with my Mantus swivels. They are very beefy and of a clever design. I really like the way they attach to the anchor using a shackle giving the anchor freedom of lateral movement. I'm using the biggest size they offer in combination with a 35kg Spade anchor. Setting the anchor most of the time is almost like hitting a brick wall when backing up. That thing really grabs. The swivel works fine and is a big improvement over the WASI powerball which is a good idea with poor execution (the grub screws are stupid small and tend to seize up). The biggest problem with the Mantus swivels is they are fairly heavy so I needed to add some restraint to prevent it from damaging the gelcoat when stored at the bow (see enclosed picture).
On previous boats I used a KONG swivel and those are well build as well. I remember there is a video in youtube about testing these things and they performed well. The problem with those is you should put a ring between the anchor and the swivel to enable lateral movements without putting strain on the swivel for which it was not designed.

Arno Luijten
SV Luna,

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