Air Conditioning issues

John Clanton

I must confess that I feel embarrassed to ask for help a second time in less than 8 hours, but there is no better place to go for direction.

I have been on shore power for the last few weeks as I have been completing deferred maintenance on the boat and dinghy.  I have had the air conditioning on because it makes me a more pleasant fellow when it gets hot or sticky outside.  Today, for the first time, I arrived back at the boat and it was more humid inside than outside.  Sometimes I have needed to turn off the entire Air Conditioning system, let it think its thoughts for a moment, then turn it back on and all is well.  Today, after leaving it off, and restarting, it did not come back to life.  

After a bit of investigation, it seems that there is no power getting to the big brain, the seawater pump or the compressor.  There is power to the three A/C units in the fore, aft, and mid cabin areas, and the fans and thermostats are working as usual.  The breaker for the Climma system seems to be tripped and will not reset.  It is as if the breaker itself is broken as it can be pushed back into position, but it doesn't stay, and there is no connection made in the brief period that it is pushed back into the normal position.  There are not lights or indicators on the display above the compressor.  It clearly isn't getting power.

I tried switching off shore power and starting the genset, but had the same results.  I tried turning off all AC power and restoring, but had the same results.

I have shoreside guests arriving on Wednesday, and am worried about getting the A/C system back on line before they get here.  Any thoughts, experiences, or suggestions would be appreciated.

Thank you,

John W. Clanton
S/V Devereux, A55, No. 65
sweating it out in Antibes, France

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