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Scott SV Tengah

One thing I really love about the ketches is that the individual sails are much smaller. In my three years and 25,000 miles so far, both the Genoa and Main electric furling systems have failed. The main necessitated manual outhaul furling (the harder half) and the Genoa required me to go forward to the bow at night and wrestle the Genoa down. 

There was some argument that the modern sail handling systems are now bulletproof. I am not sure about the improvements to the main furling system, given the motor is a heavy duty truck starting motor, but my Genoa furler is the newest generation and was less than a year old and still failed.

As a young, fit but not herculean couple, small individual sails gives us comfort for when the next failure happens. 

An aside is the fuel capacity. I really love the 900liters on our A54. When we had to do the 4848 nm Panama-Hawaii passage due to covid, we admittedly used little of that fuel because of our efficient solar/lithium system, the parasailor, code zero and a LOT of luck, but I would have felt nervous with less given that the trades were more than 1500nm away. That was at the start of covid and hopefully we don't experience that again, but even in the remote Tuamotus, it's nice to not have to think about when we can get fuel or have to carry it in jerry cans.

Finally, the mizzen could effectively replace your rudder, I believe. I'm sure a more skilled sailor could do something similar with just a main/Genoa, but it's just so damn easy to steer the boat with the mizzen.

The A50/A60 is VERY VERY nice inside and The Admiral fell in love when we saw it at the Annapolis show. It appropriately responds to the evolving market, but it seems we are no longer "the market" given our plans. I guess we're getting old. :)

2007 A54 #69
SV Tengah

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