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Orion Martin

Hi guys,

I remember a while back when Ken had an issue with a contractor I believe somewhere in the Caribbean and he proceeded to mention it here to the forum. At the time I didn’t think anything other than it was good to know for future reference. However, I think Bill said politely that members should refrain from commentary on services rendered that could have an negative impact on the community you’re cruising in. I agreed with that, there would be numerous locations around the world where economic circumstances are hard and people need all the business they can get. This is a bit of a conundrum, how do you not negatively impact that community (for example a local marine mechanic unable to afford things for his family because his work has been disparaged by cruisers who are likely doing ok themselves financially)? As I’m yet to buy an Amel (hopefully shortly), I try to approach it from how I’d feel should I be faced with similar circumstances. I suppose discretion is the order of the day, if I’m not blatantly ripped off or I am less than impressed with work done on my future boat yet we will get by, l’d probably avoid ever going there again or finding a better alternative the next time around. Should I tell other people? All things considered, if it was an extreme case I’d most likely inform other Amel members. If it’s one of those unfortunate incidents where the poor mechanic wasn’t up to date with his level of skill required for the job or I could see he was trying his best but still mangled the job then you’d have to give him a pass. The point being I didn’t believe it’s necessary to point out all the faults in people across the world on this site, but I do think it’s appropriate to call out blatant behaviour that is both unprofessional and potentially dangerous. If someone tried to pull a fast one on me or they were lax in carrying out their duties (an example being the rigger Delos hired in Malaysia (?) to look over their rigging but did a very average inspection) then I’d probably call that out because that is potentially life threatening. Again, discretion is advised. But since I don’t yet have an Amel, maybe my tune will change when I’m out on the highs seas spending big dollars to maintain her. But I’ll always keep in the back of my mind that wherever I go, I will be very grateful that community has allowed me to sail into their world for an experience that is priceless. I will owe them that gratitude, which will hopefully temper any grievances I encounter with a local.

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 I also agree with Ken,

Feedback is important both positive and where a company/contractor may learn. It’s ok to put this feedback out on personal blogs, YouTube etc but not ok to provide the information on the Amel forum.  I’m sure that Amel owners coming to Turkey would appreciate how I have been treated by several so called reliable/recommended Amel group contractors here in Turkey costing months of time, expense and total unprofessional. This information I see is vital to our forum members. Those recommended companies that know that only positive comments can be made about them in the forum does not assist in Amel owners knowing the true picture and keep those companies honest to provide our group with the best service that we should expect.

As COVID bites around the world and economies are hurting, people that may have been reliable in the past may not be so reliable now. I believe that most of the time it is not mistakes that have been made by Amel owners, it is mistakes being made by so called professionals working on our yachts. 

Maybe as a member we can advise Amel group members to contact us personally through the forum if they wish to be advised of certain unsatisfactory performance and what to be aware of. 

Otherwise we will be forced to find other methods to publish this information because it is important that we share this information amounts to our members. Buyer beware.

I can’t help that not being able to provide open feedback benefits a few, but not many.

Ross Hickey
SV Intrepid Kiwi
SM2K #356
Cruising Cyprus

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On Sunday, July 4, 2021, 12:38 pm, Davi Rozgonyi <davi.rozgonyi@...> wrote:

Let me preface by saying, of course, massive thanks to Bill for the incredible work that he does to run this forum and promote Amel in general. 

I gotta say I agree with Ken. One of the (if not THE) best thing about a group like this is to exchange information. So we learn from others' mistakes rather than make them ourselves first, if possible. As long as critiques and reports of poor service are kept in a "gentlemanly" manner, a fair accounting of the negative experience, I would like to read it to avoid the problem if I can, rather than experiencing the problem for myself. Or at least go into the situation with caution. I fail to see how this conflicts with us Amel owners helping each other, nor how it is not simply putting the owners interests first (as an owners' group should do). 

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