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I see no issue in you posting it here. Those that want the information will read it now or later. Those that do not need the information can simply pass on it. I for one, have a lot of respect for your knowledge. I think we all know the issue with the previous thread was that there never was a clear description that could be duplicated by most Amel 54 owners. I am betting that you have it.

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On Sun, Jul 4, 2021 at 11:09 AM Jamie Wendell <mysticshadow54@...> wrote:
I just wanted to let the Amel group know that I have been successful in installing a fully operational brushless motor to power my A54 refrigeration system. I understand there were previous discussions on this subject that went on and on without any final resolution or workable solution - more or less shrouded in mystery and frustration - so I will not dwell on any of the issues raised and discussed in those threads. Suffice to say that I was having enormous problems with the standard Flowjet pumps used in the system and was determined to adapt a brushless motor to the original pump body - ditching the regular motor provided.

Simply put, I would be happy to share my solution with anyone interested, either in this group or by private off-line email. I can provide a list of parts needed, etc.

I will, however, offer the caveat that installing a brushless DC motor for the refrigeration system is not for the faint of heart, and it is a bit expensive (although part of my expense was essentially research and development if you will). But compared to the countless Frigoboat pumps I have chewed through over the years and lost food in the freezer, it was worth it to me. I have a display that shows runtime and the number of pump starts, and I can adjust the speed of the pump at any time. So far it has performed flawlessly.

Unfortunately, I did have to replace the original Frigoboat Pump Interface. The one I had was giving me erratic pump output voltages, the plastic case was falling apart, and corrosion was getting into the circuit board. I used the relay approach that Coastal Climate Controls recommended.

Again, if anyone would like to hear what I did and perhaps attempt a similar installation, I will be more than happy to help,
Phantom, A54 #44

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