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On 05 July 2021 at 07:11 Thomas Kleman <lorient422@...> wrote:

Kirstin and I have been active in this group for over 12 years. I'd say when we joined, there were 10-15 "old salts" answering most of the questions. There was ego, occasional drama, etc but by and large you could find the answer to your question. This incarnation of the forum is immeasurably better in that there is more information that is easier to access. It's a bit more "unipolar" in terms of where info comes from, without a doubt.

The important thing to us is transparency. Bill operates the site and has an Amel focused advisory business. The rules of the site are on the home page for everyone to see. Do we agree with these rules or this.arrangement ? Not important. So long as we know that the forum operates in this way, we can use it effectively. 

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