Re: Amel 54 Furlers

Alexander Hofmann

Dear Bill, Arno, dear all,


being absolutely unsatisfied with the incapability of not resolving the problems with Bamar overload security system not working properly and after a handful of mostly very cold high sea ocean showers for half an hour I have been the first Amel54 owner I suppose, who has changed from Bamar to Reckmann for the Genoa and the Staysail. It was 2015, I suppose.

Did get a very good advice from another Amel owner who did it before on the Genoa.


I changed the complete equipment for not having a ‘specialized customized solution’ with the Reckmann furler and the Amel forestay (which is stronger than Reckmann). In storm case I roll the sails 3 times around the forestay and this is absolutely sufficient.

For repair work somewhere in the world it is always easier to have the original and complete systems installed. So I would propose anybody to change the system completely.


Never I have had any problem with Reckmann furler. Even if the furler engine would fail you can roll / unroll with the winch handle without any operation before.


Not cheap, definitely, but excellent components, I would always take the same decision again!

Thank you to Reckmann for a good support when changing the system with Secteur Blanc / Franck Chivé in La Rochelle. I did not contact Reckmann again, due to the absence of any problem!


Best regards

Alexander Hofmann, SY Oceanica I, Amel54#156




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