Re: Amel 54 Furlers

Jamie Wendell

Just to chime in on this discussion, on my A54, I replaced the original MEJ1.02 on the genoa with a Reckman while in Martinique a couple of years ago. Expensive - yes indeed, but absolutely bulletproof. The original Bamar would not handle high loads and eventually locked up from internal corrosion - even though I had it serviced the year before.
I retained the staysail MEJ1.02 and have had to replace the motor and belt gears since then. It is still grinding a bit and now quite noisy, so it too needs to be serviced. But, it seems to be powerful enough for the job when it works. I really do not like the belt-drive approach, but the staysail is not a major concern to me. I would definitely like a new EFJ but cannot justify the expense at this point. A Reckman for the staysail would be nice, but ouch....
Phantom, A54 #44

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