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Sv Garulfo

Hi all,

When we bought our a54 in 2016, the previous owner had already changes the genoa furler to Reckmann. He kept the Bamar MEJ 1.02 for the staysail. He left a number of spare/used Bamar control boxes onboard. 

Since then, we had no issues with the Reckmann, despite our inexperience with electric furlers. We try to treat it gently, removing as much power from the sail when furling in, without it flapping too much either.

Initially we had cases of the thermal protection tripping because the rolled genaker would get caught in the furler.

We broke the belt in the bamar staysail furler once, but that was because of my own stupidity. It was easy enough to replace. Have some spares. 

We have mainly sailed downwind in the last 4 years, so haven’t used the staysail much, so it hasn’t been used in anger and seems sufficient. 

I’d be interested in feedback, knowledge and opinion about why Amel decided to:
1. Discontinue the Amel built furlers after the SM? They seemed perfectly fit for purpose. 
2. Stop using the Reckmann furlers after the 55. Again, users seem satisfied with them.

Hope that will give more information about this subject. 



Ps: Having sailed half way around the world now, and being originally a med sailor, I can tell you the Med has delivered the worst seas and wind conditions I have ever seen. Maybe the (slightly pejorative, imho) reference to “a boat for the Med” refers to proximity of shelter and support.

On 6 Jul 2021, at 05:40, Jean Boucharlat <jean.boucharlat@...> wrote:

Hello J.P. and Bill,

May be you're both right!

In fact Profurl and Facnor are now brands of Groupe Wichard, famous for its shackles, etc.,which bought both companies.


Jean Boucharlat


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ProFurl on the 50 I was aboard recently.

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On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 9:52 AM Germain Jean-Pierre <jp.germain45@...> wrote:

Hello Ulrich,


I’ve been told the A50 uses Facnor furlers 


A friend refitted his yacht with some and they work well. 




Jean-Pierre Germain, Eleuthera, SM007, NZ

On 6/07/2021, at 9:09 PM, Geo Uhrich <lingeouhr@...> wrote:



Can someone tell me what furlers on on the 50?


On Tue, Jul 6, 2021 at 11:24 AM Peter Forbes <ppsforbes@...> wrote:

Hi Paul,


We fitted Reckmann too and had no problems during our circumnavigation or after. The Reckmann is very powerful and gives us a great felling of confidence and security - for us well worth the high price. And of course its a beautiful yacht so worth the investment.



La Rochelle

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On 5 Jul 2021, at 23:18, Martin Birkhoff <mbirkhoff@...> wrote:

Hi Paul,

here our experience with the Bamar furlers.

When we started to do some test sailing with our later Mago del Sur both Bamar furlers did not work. (I have to mention that the boat was totally neglected. It spend some two and a half years without any maintenance.) Within less than 24 hours the boatyard and the broker managed to get and install two brand new Bamar control boxes. Still today I am wondering how they could get two original Bamar control boxes in this short time. After this the genoa furling system did work but it made an horrible noise. The jib furling system produced some smoke signals only so we switched it off.

We bought this poor neglected baby. After we sailed her to Germany we figured out that the housing of the jib furler motor was completely filled with water. The motor was corroded totally. We got a new motor from Bamar and mounted it. The system was working from this moment on, but when we used the jib furler the control box of the jib caused an high voltage alarm after some seconds of use and stopped the system. (We never could proof any high voltage in our board net and we nevr managed ti find the faukt. The unit of the genoa furler was working fine always.) Half a year later the jib furler system broke down again. The belt was wrapped somehow in between the belt drives and one of the wheels was broken off its axis. Impossible to say what happened first.

We decided to change the furling systems completely. Bamar made a very good offer. They gave us an excellent quote of some 13.000 Euros for both the jib an d the genoa furling system (new foils, new motors, new control boxes).

But we could not become friends of these complex control units (what for?) and in my opinion the new mechanic was too complex still.

This is why we bought two Reckmann systems finally. They are a kind of stone age technique. An electric motor, an absolute simple gearbox, no electronics. The only disadvantage was the shocking price: some 30.000 Euros including all installation works and two new stays.

Since we rigged them in June 2017 we never faced any problem.

Mago del Sur - 54#40

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