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Hi Barry and Robyn,

I installed the Pacific Plus on my Maramu 4 years ago for 2 main reasons:
1 - backup steering (my NECO failed)
2 - saving electricity
For you, on an SM, point 2 is not applicable as you have ample electricity with your generators. As to point 1, the cost of the Windpilot system as a backup is rather high.

Whilst the system works well, especially in steady conditions, do not discount that the system sticks out quite some distance on the back of your boat which can make mooring in a marina more fraught as you will be conscious of a rather expensive piece of equipment being endangered should a swell develop when you are moored stern-to.

Regards, Horst

I also came across a book, Self-Steering Under Sail by Peter Christian
Forthmann. The suggested wind vane model for the Amel is the Windpilot
Pacifc Plus, a twin rudder system designed for boats less than
80m/60ft. Is there anyone out there who has this installed on their

Best Regards
Barry and Robyn

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