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Dean Davenport <ddavenport@...>

Interesting article (link below) on the subject of recent Orca attacks on boats off Spain and Portugal that I thought you may find interesting.

Kind Regards

Prospective Amel owner

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Hi Stefan, you must be very relaxed people for that not to be frightening. Your comment about the agreed course is very interesting, likewise being escorted out of their area. I was once herded away from a big pod of big dolphins by two of the largest. There were quite a number of young with the pod. The two herders would let us within 500 meters of the main pod. Obviously we were sensitive to their behaviour and read what they expected of us. Perhaps you have identified what is going on with these Orca, and what needs to be done to avoid damage. Perhaps rapid interpretation of their "requirements of us" may avoid the worst damage????.
There is a scientist, Ingrid Visser, in New Zealand who has made a lifetime study of Orca. I will contact her and see what she may know about this sort of behaviour.
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Ocean Pearl
On 06 July 2021 at 03:13 Stefan Jeukendrup <sjeukendrup@...> wrote:

Thanks for your answer,

Actually it was not frighting at all and we enjoyed this once in a
lifetime close encounter.

The second hour we (= the orcas and the helmsman) "agreed" on a course
of 280 and the group escorted us out of their territory.

I felt they where treating us gently and it is probably just one thart
has the strange habit of biting off chunks of rudders....

Almost the same happened to the mentioned couple in Gibraltar.

All is good,

Stefan Jeukendrup

SM2k #348 @ currently at Cabo Vincente Portugal

Op 05-07-2021 om 15:59 schreef Justin Maguire:
This is. On the third Amel I know if that has had its rudders destroyed… WHAT THE HELL!?!!

I hope you are ok and we’re able to makekk no it to port safely.
That sounds frightening… especially them “pushing the boat around”…

On Jul 5, 2021, at 10:50, Stefan Jeukendrup <sjeukendrup@...> wrote:


Yesterday on the 100m line between Barbate and de strait of Gibraltar we where targeted by 3 orcas and a young.

We spoke to another couple in Gibraltar that just experienced the same, they came from the Azores.

The group orcas entertained us for 2 hours by pushing the boat around in circles and at the same time they bit off the lower section of the rudder.

Rudder is still functional but anodes and the surounding fiberglass are gone.

Does anyone know wether it is possible to remove the rudder of a Supermaramu 2000 in the water?

Thank you in advance for your help,

Stefan Jeukendrup

SM2k #345 @Cabo Vincente Portugal

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