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This is great news...wishing you the best.

FYI, maybe a start capacitor is out of spec, slightly increasing the start-up burst of power it is supposed to give. There are a number of suspects, but the easiest to get to is the start capacitors on the Climma pumps.

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Quick update on the Air Conditioning issue:


The breaker broke, that is clear.  It would not reset under power, it would not reset without power, and it would not reset once physically removed from the box.  Luckily, there is a fairly large marine electrics shop about a block away from the marina and they were able to order a replacement for me.


Educational note:  The young guy in the electrics shop tried to sell me a similar breaker with the same amp rating, but it had a different model number.  When I questioned him about the different model number (his English was just slightly better than my poor French), he shrugged his shoulders and said it must be that the broken one was older.  I was not satisfied.  He enlisted the advice of the master, who spoke no English at all, and he confirmed that what the young lad was trying to sell me was a “standard” breaker, and that I needed a “demurrage” (delay) breaker. 


At least in my boat, the breaker needed for the Air Conditioning system has a delay feature to accommodate short bursts of current required at pump/motor/compressor start up.  These are Schneider brand breakers manufactured in France and I have several C16 breakers, but the Climma system has a D16 breaker.  I do not know what the “C” stands for, but apparently the “D” stands for demurrage, the “16” indicates the amperage rating.  As I understand it, the Climma system has a seawater pump, a compressor, and a cold water closed circuit pump, all controlled by an e-brain.  Each of them have a different trigger to turn on and off depending on load.


All that being said, the system has been working perfectly for 24+ hours since installing the new breaker, but I have asked the local Climma rep to come by and give the system a once over to see what amps are being pulled by each component as I suspect the breaker didn’t just fail on its own.  I am happy that I could swap out one component and fix everything, but I suspect I only addressed a symptom and that the underlying issue is waiting for an inopportune time to show itself again.  BTW, any entrepreneurs who are looking for their next project, I suggest breakers, there is big money in breakers.


If further investigation yields more data, I will share it with the group, otherwise consider the problem solved.  Now on to the Orca Issue…..



Many thanks to all for suggestions,


John W. Clanton

S/V DEVEREUX, A55 No. 65

rehydrating in Antibes, France


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