Self introduction and question about autopilot redundancy and solo sailing

Stéphane Meyer


Please just le me introduce myself quickly,

When I was 16 years old my father's best friend bought a SM brand new from the factory. I was stocked and we sailed onboard his SM around Toulon area in the 90's. Sadly he passed away before he could realize his dream to sail around the world.
I've been playing myself a lot with the idea and for me there is only one brand I would ever consider ...Amel. I just love so many things about these boats and I think you have to really love a boat considering what it takes to maintain it.
I'm not boat shopping yet, but will be within the next five years.

One question I always ask myself. Please forgive me being so clueless but I never owned myself a boat equipped with an autopilot system.

As an airline pilot I want redundancy for all the critical systems. On a boat especially solo, I guess the critical systems are the rudder, the AP system, at least one sail, water and food.

Could someone explain me properly how to achieve REAL redundancy in the AP system ? 

How does that work on a SM ?
Is the dual AP installed really fully redundant and would you go solo across an ocean on a standard equipped SM ? What about total electrical failure ?
Same question for the SN. How is it equipped ? Single or dual AP ?

What about the wind vane installation or another backup directly on the wheel ?

Thank you for sharing what you know about it.

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