Re: Crash Bar In Front of Galley Stove


Gary,<br>I'm Charlie of Charlie & Ruth Cronheim
on MALAIKA II which was just up the dock from you in
La Rochelle. We are now in Turkey preparing to
winter here.<br>I had the same compliant 18 years ago
with my Maramu and had a bar fixed. Therefore when we
ordered our new Super Maramu 2000 we requested and Amel
fitted a crash bar. As usual, once they do something it
is excellent. They told me they are considering
making it standard, a move I'd strongly recommend. I'm
sure if you ask them to send you a crash bar like the
one they fit on Malaika II they would. It would be
very easy to self install.<br>Our trip to Turkey was a
joy and Malaika II performed flawlessly. We plan to
spend the next several years in the Med, then probably
head stateside.<br>Keep in touch.<br> Charlie

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