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Mohammad Shirloo

One method of eliminating potential sources of the problem, without any alterations or jumper installation, is to simply listen for the main solenoid activating when using the Joy Stick. If you can hear the “click” of the solenoid, when pushing the joystick to port or starboard, but the bowthruster motor does not come on, it confirms that the joystick and the control unit at the bowthruster are working and the activation signal is getting to the main relay. If the bowthruster works in one direction, then it eliminates any issues with the motor itself and only leaves the main relay as the issue.





Mohammad and Aty

B&B Kokomo

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Hello Mohammed, Doug, Thomas and Bill


I have just began the task of fixing my one way bow thruster, port works fine. The topic has come up many times and I had just filed the knowledge, knowing sooner or later I would need it. Well it is now later for me.

The first thing I know. This is not the first time for my 54 as I have a troubleshooting guide in with the owners manual from the previous owner. I have seen the pictures from Mohammed and the ones in the guide. My unit looked different from the one pictured disassembled, but is in fact a Sleipner/Sidepower unit made by Albright. They are similar but slightly different also I found my unit on the Vetus website.

Thanks to the legwork of group I will now remove and take apart my solenoid and hopefully I can repair and use it again. I can have one shipped into Grenada but hope this will work. I will Order one for the spares collection.


First I believed it was the relay but did more checking after the latest round of bow thruster talk. So I jumped the negative to the grey wire and the port direction was fine, but when jumping the blue nothing starboard happened.

I will take pictures of my unit disassembled. The inside should be similar. The two units below are the two deferent units my unit has 4 top studs also included is the part tag on my unit. The 3 stud unit I believe is the one in your manual and disassembled unit from Mohammed.















On Thu, Jul 8, 2021 at 02:21 Mohammad Shirloo <mshirloo@...> wrote:

Hello Thomas;


Doug informed me that he remembered seeing a post from you in this regard and Bill managed to locate and forward it. Your write up was also helpful.


Bill is great at “soaking in” the knowledge from the group, organizing and accessing it when needed. A great resource for all Amel owners.





Mohammad and Aty

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Hi all,


That issue happened to us 3 years ago and we reported on the solution here (06/06/18   #40108 ). 



I would suggest carrying a spare relay as it happened to us again just recently. Note that we don’t use our thruster much, I don’t know if that helped delay the reoccurrence or instead accelerated it. 


In our bow thruster, the oem relay is by Albright (sales@...) in the UK (they could only provide model SW202-317 equivalent to SW202-260 installed).

An equivalent relay is available at  in the USA.



Hope that will help,








On 7 Jul 2021, at 03:00, CW Bill Rouse <brouse@...> wrote:

I am glad it worked out and thanks for the photos. I was aware that this solution worked on at least two cases, but did not have the benefit of such exacting photos.


I am thinking that the life of this relay is probably about 10 - 12 years and if an owner has one in this age range disconnection from the motor, cleaning, and inspection is probably in order.


How many hours did it take?





On Wed, Jul 7, 2021 at 2:13 AM Mohammad Shirloo <mshirloo@...> wrote:

Our first solution of just cleaning the control box, turned out to be a coincidental repair. The Bow Thruster did work for a few days and then stopped working in one direction again. After some research and assistance from the group, especially Doug Smith of Aventura and Bill Rouse, we narrowed down the issue to the main bowthruster relay. Yesterday we opened it up for inspection. The exterior of the relay was pristine, but found what is shown in the attached pictures. Some material has been physically transferred, from a process similar to welding, from some of the contacts in the relay, to the opposing contact in the relay. After a thorough cleaning of the buildup on th econtacts and other surfaces using wire brushers and application of CorrosionX to the springs, we have a fully operational Bowthruster. Now need to order a new one, as I don't believe we have as good a connection when the relay activates, due to the uneven surfaces of the contacts created by the arching that has been going on for a while. Thanks for all the shared knowledge.

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