D3 110i-A exhaust elbow

Nick Newington

Since replacing the turbo heat shield I can now visually inspect the exhaust elbow.
To that end I am no longer in blissful ignorance.
As shown in the photo the weld is corroding. Hot exhaust gas meets cold sea water. I do not think failure is imminent but clearly Something needs to be done.
I believe it is stainless steel as it is not magnetic. Not sure of the grade.
I see various options:
1. Buy spare gasket or make one and remove the whole elbow and if still sound have the welds ground out and repaired
2. Buy a new one for about £500
Ouch seems excessively expensive, typical Volvo rip off
3. Have a new one fabricated in stainless.

Does anyone know what grade of stainless is best?
Has anyone been down this avenue? Know of a good fabricator?

Nick SY Amelia

AML 54 -019

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